rich imagery, a compelling composition and a human voice.

The photographer

Originally a Digital and multimedia professional, Pascal Magat is a self-taught photographer. Passionate about images he has been working as a videographer for a few years after participating in the start of streaming media. With the creation of the Hors-champ studio, he combines two of his passions and returns to his first love.
"Photo and video have always been a passion. From family pictures to corporate shootings or fashion, I built my experience with the sole objective of enhancing my environment. When I meet a model or shoot brides, I always try to capture their characters, to fix the essence of people and deliver my vision. That's photography or filming, it's first of all sharing a vision. It's the passion for lighting that awakened an interest in image. Whatever the staging choices, contrasts and light play a key role in my pictures and my videos. They create depth, enhancing your portraits, your videos ... I draw my inspiration from life and from people.”
Pascal Magat
1 Tell me about yourself
I live in the south of France. I worked in computer science for a long time before discovering the art of movie making and photography. I always had a desire for artistic activities.

2 How and when did you start photography?
4 years ago I filmed a professional photo shooting in Paris, it was the first time I had seen a model posing, it matched with a radical change in my life allowing me to have a lot of free time, in 2016 I triggered more than 40,000 times (laughs)

3 What is your goal in photography? / What are you aiming for?
The quest for the perfect photography ?

4  What does photography mean to you ?
A consuming passion…

5 How is your work different from others?
I like to work on attitudes, it starts with the interaction with my Model or the environment ..

6 Where do you get your inspiration?
Cinema, paintings of great portraitists, other photographers, websites ...

7 Do you prepare your images in advance?
Not often, not enough, I like to be inspired, to use my instinct.

8 Do you work on your photos and describe your work post production?
Yes of course, coming from a digital background, I've known Photoshop for years.
My editing style/workflow has been the same for almost a year.

9 What is your preference: outside or photography studio?
The studio in winter but I'm really comfortable outside

10 What are the places and topics that appeal to you the most?
The Durance, the river near where I live, flower fields, nature in general

11 What would you dream of photographing?
Charismatic actresses

12 What is the most important thing you have learned over the years?
The relationship with people is sometimes difficult

13 What are your future or short term projects?
To develop my professional activity

14 What are you looking for in the models you work with?
I love to spot new talent in the street but also work with professional models.